Super Monkey Music Race!

We're always looking for ways to engage students both on and off the bench. This is a great game for reviewing note names and keyboard geography. It can be played by multiple levels of students, during solo lessons, or in group lessons!

There's no game board for Super Monkey Music Race. Instead, students play it right at the piano!

Objective: Players race from the low end of the piano to the high end of the piano. The winner is whoever gets to the highest treble key first! (Sometimes Tracy uses iwako erasers as the game pieces or even candy kisses!)

For All Levels: There are letter and keyboard cards for pre-readers. Older students will have to figure out full words on the staff. It's definitely a quick game - and you might actually have to race up AND down the keyboard if you need to make it last a little longer!

Make lessons more fun!

Super Monkey Music Race is a fun way to review note identification AND keyboard geography at the same time!

Includes playing cards for students at ALL levels!

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