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One of My Favorite Jazz, Rags, and Blues Series

I just wanted to pass on a book recommendation for those of you who love jazz, rags, and blues. It's called Martha Mier's Jazz, Rags, and Blues Series by Alfred. (We both know you can never go wrong with Martha Mier!) My favorite is the Classical version, but they're all great! Even the...


The Top Five Things I Implemented After Hosting the Webinars

When I started the Upbeat Piano Teacher Webinars, I did it because I saw teachers in the FB groups who were frustrated. And honestly, I wanted to find a way to help. For weeks on end, teachers were looking for help: Some needed more students. Help! I need to make more money! Many teachers...


Do you step out of your comfort zone?

Do you step out of your comfort zone? So many times we get in a teaching rut without even noticing it. We're used to a particular book. Or a certain way of marketing. Teaching becomes "predictable" and boring. Once you realize it, you find yourself looking everywhere for answers when we really...