Thank you for such a lovely review of our newest webinars, Karen! We're so glad that you're enjoying them! ~ Tracy & Sara

Review: Playing with Preschoolers and Engaging Teens & Tweens

By Karen Gibson

It's been about a year since, Tracy Selle and Sara Campbell teamed up as the Upbeat Piano Teachers. What started as an interview and part of a small project has turned into so much more including a very engaged Facebook group and numerous webinars and other resources for piano teachers.

This month, Tracy and Sara are releasing their newest webinars, and I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek. I was so blown away by what I saw, I asked if they would mind if I did a brief review. Just a quick glance through the home page of each webinar makes it obvious that Tracy and Sara invested many, many, many hours putting these webinars together, involving some of the best teachers from around the world in these projects for us to learn from. I can't wait to find the time to dig in and go through all the material available. (At the time of publication, I have only had a brief time with the webinars, and have not yet gone through everything - once you get the webinars you will understand!)

Tracy and Sara will be releasing two new webinars this month, one focusing on teaching preschoolers and the other on teaching teens and tweens. Each of these age groups comes with their own sets of challenges but also the potential for great rewards. Conventional marketing wisdom says to have a USP or unique selling proposition or position. Being the 'go to teacher' for preschoolers or teens/tweens (or both!) in your area could bring huge economic rewards to you and your studio.

Although they are not piano lessons, I teach music and movement classes to about 90 preschoolers a week and so I was really excited to go through Playing with Preschoolers. I am always on the lookout for new things I can do in class. And I wasn't disappointed.

Playing with Preschoolers consists of a total of 11 interviews with experts including Kris Skaletski (KiddyKeys), Susan Chesser, Megan Desmarais and Brandy Woods to name just a few of the teachers interviewed. Topics covered include group lessons, partner lessons, setting rates, and traveling as well as ideas for games, information on methods and even marketing tips. Most of the interviews run about 30 minutes making it easy to fit one in without requiring a huge time commitment in one sitting. A workbook for taking notes and additional PDFs round out the webinar content.

I love the information provided in written form for each interview. I know at a glance how long the interview lasts, a little about the teacher being interviewed, what topics are covered in the interview and what resources are mentioned during the interview (hyperlinked, making it very easy to learn more about the resource.) If there is a PDF with additional resources, this is also available as well as information on where to find the teacher in the interview online.

If preschoolers aren't your cup of tea (or even if they are but you want to learn even more!), there is a webinar for working with teens and tweens called Engaging Teens and Tweens. Nick Ambrosino, Daniel McFarlane, Tim Topham, Jennifer Eklund and Elena Cobb are among the experts who are interviewed in this webinar. Connecting with students, teaching accountability, managing expectations, selecting repertoire, composing, retention and senior recitals are just a few of the topics covered. As in the Preschooler webinar, information is given about each interview including a brief bio of the presenter, length of the presentation, resources mentioned and access to PDFs.

Sara and Tracy do an excellent job working together to make each interview educational and engaging. It is obvious they did their homework in preparing each interview. If you missed MTNA this year, these webinars are definitely must have! (even if you made it to MTNA you should pick these up!) You can learn more and pick these webinars up by going to