What's the scariest part of planning a summer camp? Doing ALL THAT WORK - only to have no students sign up. (Our checklist can help!)

Yes, it's a valid fear, but I'm here to share one of the best strategies to get plenty of registrations.

What's my secret?

By the time I send parents information about my camp, they already know about it.

Why? Because I spend several weeks telling students about camp BEFORE asking students to register.

Generating excitement will pay off. Big time!


Let's take a look at the entertainment industry.

The latest Marvel movie, Black Panther, just opened in theaters. This movie is generating crazy amounts of money. It hit a box office all-time record and the merchandise is hitting record sales too.

How did they do it?

They certainly didn't release the movie on a Friday night and "hope" people would show up. There was a clear strategy in place early on. They started marketing Black Panther MONTHS before it was released!

Basically - they got people excited. They made fans feel like they would lose out if they missed the movie. And it worked.

Piano camps are no different.


Here are some simple ways that you can "play up" your camp before you send out those registration forms!
  • TELL students that you're excited - "I'm planning the BEST music camp this summer! You're going to LOVE it!" (Get our free checklist here!)
  • Ask students what they'd like the theme to be.
  • Get their input on what games you should play.
  • Find out if they'd like a 3-day camp or a full week.
  • See if they would like to invite their friends. (Then you could plan a camp where no musical background is required. You might also convince these students to take piano lessons with you!)


Remember - the key is doing this BEFORE you ask parents to register. It's the most simple, effective, and inexpensive marketing you can do. Best of all? It really works!


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What Teachers Say About Group Lessons 101

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"This webinar gave me ideas, tools & resources that have given me confidence to try groups this summer. I am so glad I signed up just in time to start marketing!" ~ Julie Ingermanson, Piano Teacher, Missouri

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