When I started the Upbeat Piano Teacher Webinars, I did it because I saw teachers in the FB groups who were frustrated. And honestly, I wanted to find a way to help.

For weeks on end, teachers were looking for help:

  • Some needed more students. Help! I need to make more money!
  • Many teachers were confused about technology. How do I start? I feel so clueless in this area!
  • Some were looking for help with teenagers. He won't practice and I can't seem to inspire him.

I knew there were answers because I've seen lots of ordinary teachers who were having great success. Surely they would be willing to share what worked for them, right?

And so, the Upbeat Piano Teachers Webinars were born.

Honestly, I learned something valuable from every guest, but you can only implement a few things at once.

Here are the top five things that I took action on:

1. Sara Campbell helped me with marketing strategies.

Especially when it comes to the graphic part of designing any type of ad material. One of her recommendations was a website called Canva. I'd never heard of it, but now I use it every single week. You must check it out if you need to create any kind of visuals for your studio. She also had a lot of "out-of-the-box" marketing ideas. Loved it!

2. Andrea Bentz and Janice Martin both inspired me to start teaching preschoolers.

And I started last week. Not only did I have a blast, but I really see this as a way to grow my business. Plus, it's just fun to try something new!

3. Becki Laurent reminded me to make sure I connect with every student on a personal level.

This is my nature anyway, but the reminder was helpful. Becki is also so happy and energetic--she reminds me to laugh and have fun!

4. Judy Naillon showed me a different reason for using apps.

At one point, I remember her saying how kids don't like making mistakes, but they'll play a game over and over. That's the power of apps. Kids learn without the frustration. Judy showed me a different perspective that I haven't forgotten.

5. Leila Viss completely revolutionized the way I think of "lab time."

Putting this in my top five is sort of cheating because I haven't started labs yet, but it's one of my biggest takeaways from the webinarsI

I thought lab time had to be expensive and I knew my parents wouldn't want to pay more money. I also thought lab time had to be all digital. Leila showed me that I was wrong on both counts. It was a huge eye opener for me.

Right now my teaching situation is mostly Skype students and I also teach at a local school, but when I get more students at home, I plan to start labs. And I'm excited to try another new thing!

As I implement new ideas, I'll keep you posted. In the meantime....What are YOU excited to try?

Pop over on FB and let me know!